Monday, August 30, 2010

The Alpha Spid BIG-RAS rotor did not last for one month!

This was very quick :-(

Have been having problems with the AZ of the rotor for some time, where the readout have not been working, and other days it have been ok.
Two days ago the EL did also stop working, so I did take the rotor down tonight to find out that bouth the AZ AND EL where FULL of water!
But cant se how and where so much water can get in there, in so short time.

So guess there will be some time before I can get the antenna up again :-(

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2nd RX test on 23cm EME

Today I did get some time just before moon set, to do some more RX test on 23cm
This was again success on first RX, first G4CCH and then PY2BS.

G4CCH has 5.4m Dish and 450W and PY2BS 4.6m Dish and 500W at feed.
Best decode on G4CCH was -23db, and PY2BS -24db

So this looks very good for my small setup, so hope to be able to TX soon.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

First decode on 23cm

Got the first decode of the moon on 23cm this morning :-)

Did decode K2UYH with best at -24db
He was using a 28 feet Dish and 500W in shack, so looks like it will be possible to get some QSO's with this setup when I get the PA installed.