Monday, February 16, 2009

CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2009

Photo: 20m tower at the club. The tower is gamma feeded for 80 & 160m, and in top of the tower there is a 5el 10m yagi.

This year I did particepate again in the WPX RTTY Contest.
On Friday I decided to go and check the antenna for 80m, and allso to tune the tower to the RTTY band.
Conditions where not good, as bouth A & K indeks where high.
All week berfore the contest I have been hearing NA stations at home with my SteppIR antenna, but on Friday the conditions did change :-(
And during the contest I did only work two NA stations, very few DX stations including one VK so moust of the QSO's where in Europe.

So here is my clamed score:
Operating Time (hrs): 27
Total: QSOs 732 Pts 2974
Prefixes = 380 Total Score = 1,130,120

Thursday, February 12, 2009

70MHz EME!

Did receive GD0TEP off the moon tonight on 4 meter.

Andy, GD0TEP was using 2x8 element long boom yagi, and my antenna is only a 4 element Quad.
The beam heading here is not good as I was beaming over my roof who is made of metal, and the hight of my antenna is only about 2m over the roof.
So this is not any good for ground gain.

This is my very fyrst reception on 4 meter from the moon, and maybe allso one off the first ever on this band except from some echo tests that some stations have done.

The wav recording can be downloaded here
Open the file in WSJT to se the decode.

Allready back in January 2006 GD0TEP and GD4GNH did make some echo test off the moon on 70MHz.
Read about the test here...