Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preparing for CQWW RTTY 2008

40m 4 square.

After I order a phase box from Comtek a year ago, I finally desided to now was the time to install it.
The antennars are inverted V mounded on a 18m tower att our clubstation it Torshavn.
This did all take much longer time than expected.
When all antennas where phased the problems did start as we did get very high SWR on two of the antennas.

On the photo, OY9JD Jon is checking the SWR.

We used days on adjusting & adjustin, but have still not got good SWR on all antennas.
The problem is maybe related to interaction from one ot the others towers.

Thanks to OY9JD & OY1JD for the help with the antennas.

Here is my equipment setup at the club.

Radio Flex-5000A
Amp Acom 1000
Software N1MM & MTTY

Conditions where not the best, but there was huge difference on direction of the antennas.

Clamed Score 285,420 points
993 QSO, DX 85, State 24 & 25 Zones